Roc Global is selective in terms of clients we work with, conducting thorough screening and diligence before accepting mandates.

We invest significant time and effort to understand our clients’ businesses in order to address their financing needs and to provide focused and customized best-in-class advice. Roc Global works extensively with our clients to best articulate and present the value proposition to our investor network.


Industry Focus

Specialization of our senior bankers by industry sector allows the identification and development of tailored solutions that are specific to each sector. For each industry that we cover, we monitor best-in-class practices. We are familiar with established practices and risk pricing, and we make sure our advice is consistent with sector-specific parameters. 


Senior Level Attention

A senior banker and originator is involved in each transaction from beginning to end. This produces a “high touch” experience to the client. It also ensures that all aspects of client management and execution functions are carried out properly. There is always great attention to details, no information is lost between the client and Roc Global, and issues are addressed immediately and efficiently at a senior level. 


Investor Network & Access to Capital

We have maintained and developed long term relationships with a broad array of strategic investors that can deploy capital in a variety of different ways. At Roc Global, we are agnostic as to which type of investor we need to access in each situation and therefore we can provide independent and unbiased advice to our issuers. Roc Global has a demonstrated track record of providing access to multiple sources of sophisticated capital providers.


Unbiased Advice and Flexibility

Roc Global is an independent boutique firm, unburdened by internal conflicts of interest, silos or “product push” tendencies. We have complete flexibility to provide best-in-class advice to our clients and to recommend optimal solutions. We have the ability to create and distribute innovative financial solutions across different areas and across the capital structure.